Welcome to Saint Philip of Jesus Catholic Church



6896-A Alamo Downs Pkwy Suite 100

San Antonio, TX 78238

(210) 521-9900

St. Philip of Jesus would like to express our sincere gratitude to DCInteriors for the generous donation of tables and chairs to our Religious Education Program.  We will be able to provide seating in our school building for religious education classes for our community children.

San Felipe de Jesús desea expresar nuestro sincero agradecimiento a DCInteriors por la generosa donación de mesas y sillas a nuestra Programa de Educación Religiosa. Vamos a poder  proporcionar asientos en nuestro edificio escolar para clases de educación religiosa para nuestros niños de la comunidad.

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St. Philip of Jesus Catholic Church was founded in 1914 specifically to address the needs of the Hispanic community in the south-central part of San Antonio.  Since its inception the parish has supported generations of local families, our parish size is 800 families.  Our average weekly collection is just enough to pay the operational costs of our humble little parish, but with dedication and loyalty our parishioners devoutly offer their talents.  Geographically we are located in a part of the city that is predominantly Hispanic; therefore we are a bilingual community that seeks inclusiveness and hospitality.  Our communal worship is Christ-centered; that is, central to our faith is the celebration of the Sacred Liturgies, specifically the Holy Mass.